Leased Lines

Leased lines or data lines are dedicated circuits that offer speed from 64 kbps up to 2048 kbps in 64 bit/s aggregates.d is aimed at medium to large organisations which have higher bandwidth needs. SPTC offers digital leased lines to ensure that there is:

  • Improved performance, reliability and quality of service are provided at a fixed monthly cost.
  • High quality digital network ensures high-speed, clear connectivity for delay-sensitive applications.
  • High data transmission speeds which are seldom achieved on normal analogue leased lines.
  • Wide range of data transmission speeds allows you to grow your services as required.
  • Services are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure optimum performance and quality. All components are monitored, up to the Network Terminating Units (NTUs) at your premises.
  • Faults are rectified quickly (often a fault is located and repaired before a customer even knows about it).
  • Fixed tariff scheme enables you to manage budgets more effectively by knowing your costs upfront.


  • You need to be in an area which has access to the digital line network.
  • A suitable location for each NTU (NTUs must not be placed on the floor).
  • A standard 230-240 volt AC 15-amp 3-pin domestic socket (adequately earthed and with earth leakage protection) for the exclusive use of each NTU and not more than 1,5m away from where the NTU must be installed.

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