Umkhululi Ekhaya

Umkhululi Ekhaya is a prepaid service for residential customers. The prepaid calling card is similar to the existing Umkhululi but with extra features such as hearing balance, redial and making a new call without having to redial a long sequence of numbers. For the prepaid phone, a voucher will be used to recharge your telephone account and this reduces the chances of losing your money.

Benefits of having Umkhululi Ekhaya:

  • Peace of mind (no surprise monthly bills)
  • Direct dialling without re-entering card number/PIN number
  • Remote recharging
  • Free voicemail
  • Free credit balance checks
  • No credit vetting or checks for new customers
  • Customer changeable password
  • Minimised down time
  • Minimised congestion

To recharge a telephone:

  • Dial access code 116 and follow voice prompts.

To make a call using Umkhululi Ekhaya:

  • Dial access code 115 and follow voice prompts.

Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation ,
Phutfumani Building
Mahlokohla Street

(00268) 2405 2000
TOLL FREE: 800 2000
(00268) 2405 2020

the map of where Phutfumani Building is

Latitude: -26.326249
Longitude: 31.144910

PO Box 125
Mbabane, H100
Kingdom of Swaziland